Thursday, December 24, 2009

christmas eve the christian way

it's x-mas eve and the wife, xtine, and i are getting dragged to church for the first and last time this calendar year. beside the fact that its easier to suffer through an hour of christian lecturing, guilt, and hypocrisy than it is to suffer through 48 hours of passive aggressive comments from my mom, my niece is performing in some choir or something. so i'll play nice and go to support her.

i was informed this morning that we need to arrive at church over an hour early to get seats. a fucking hour? come on. when i asked my parents, who actually don't mind going early to take pictures and such, would mind saving two seats for xtine and i, they told me, "oh no, you can't save seats at this church. people get really mad about it. even if you tell them the seats are saved, they push your coats out of the way and take the seats anyway."

wonderful. nothing like spreading the christian spirit this holiday season by whispering through clenched teeth that "you can't save fucking seats in this church." merry christmas to you too, asshole.

there's more to share about my parent's church. but i'll save that for tomorrow, the holiest of holy days.

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